Our featured guest today on The Morning Zone is U.S. Senator John Barrasso from Wyoming. We will talk with him about the upcoming visit by the FEDs to Wyoming to meet with state officials on the wolf de-listing issue, plus, his support for opening more public lands to off-road vehicles, and we will get his update on the other hot issues from Washington.That is at 7:37AM MDT this morning, right after our 7:07 visit with the big family from TLC, the Duggars. Then at 8:07, Barack Obama not only can be beaten by a Republican in 2012, he will be if the GOP nominee plays it by the numbers, says a new book by two veteran political analysts and best-selling authors. One of those, political pundit, Brad O'Leary will talk about  A Battle Plan Based on Political Statistical Realities. At 8:37, Amanda Strong will discuss Social networking  and how it has unlocked a modern day version of Pandora’s Box.”...Then at 9:07, Director of Cheyenne's fabulous Botanic Gardens, Shane Smith returns for his regular visit.