Wyoming's U.S. Senator, John Barrasso will be our guest, live from Washington, at 7:37AM MDT today on The Morning Zone. We will talk with the senator about the ongoing efforts in both houses of Congress to reduce the deficit and raise the debt ceiling, and we will get his view on the Obama Administration's recent flip-flop on domestic drilling.

Also, today on The Morning Zone, at 7:07, we will visit with Brett McMahon, spokesman for the Halt The Assault Campaign, about how employers will step up and create jobs once Obama quits standing on their necks.

Stuart Vener , President of Wilshire Holding Group, Inc. will be with us at 8:07 talking about how the increased number of foreclosures hurting bank incomes.

Then at 9:07, in what promises to be an exciting finale' to the program, Superintendent of Laramie County School District #1, Dr. Mark Stock will be our guest. We will get the latest on the what's happening in the realm of public education in Cheyenne, and talk more with him on the contraversial proposed Prairie View Elementary School.

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