DNA Samples Bill

The Senate Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee amended a bill proposed by Cheyenne Senator Leslie Nutting (SD-7) that would require people accused of charges of serious crimes to provide DNA samples.

The committee changed the bill so that DNA testing could only occur after a person was charged in court, not immediately after arrest.

Game and Fish Funding

The Senate passed a bill on a 17-13 vote that calls for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to submit General Fund budget requests for the Grizzly Bear Management Program and employee health insurance costs.

Senator Bruce Burns said the bill is needed to help the Game and Fish with costs that are not covered by current license fees. Senator Ray Peterson, who voted against the bill, said he thinks the bill sets a bad precedent.

Senate File 45 now moves on to the House.

Albany County\Laramie Priorities

Pay raises for state employees and University of Wyoming employees and local government funding are the top priorities for Representative Matt Greene (HD-45). Greene said he believes the legislature has done a great job working on the physical plant at the University of Wyoming but it is time to work on the "human capital" as well.