The Senate approved a continuing resolution Friday which includes funding for Obamacare, defeating an attempt by conservative senators to block the bill with just over three days left to avert a government shutdown. U.S. Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) was one of 19 senators to vote against cloture, the procedural vote that allowed the Senate majority to remove the defunding provisions.

Enzi in a statement said "About four years ago, those who ran Congress passed a government-run takeover of healthcare despite pleas from the American people to slow down and stop taking the country down this road. Now we’re four days from Obamacare fully coming online and the American people still don’t like what this bad law has to offer. Less choice, billions in new taxes, people losing their health care plans they were told they could keep. The people of Wyoming want this law gone and I’m with them. I’ve always been with them."

The Senate voted to end debate on the bill by invoking cloture 79-19. Then voted to advance the continuing resolution to keep the government's lights on through November 15 by a vote of 68-30. Then the Senate passed a version of the resolution that included funding for Obamacare 54-44. The continuing resolution now goes back to the House for consideration with votes possible this weekend and early next week.