The Senate Judiciary Committee has endorsed a bill that would ban deadly weapons in Wyoming courtrooms. It's just one of the gun bills that the Senate will consider.The bill makes having deadly weapons in courtrooms a misdemeanor on first offense. the ban would not apply to jury rooms or other parts of the courthouse. the bill now goes to the full senate for debate.

A bill that would allow people with a concealed weapons permit, to carry a weapon into a school or on a college campus will be heard in the Senate Education Committee Friday. Senator Bill Landen (SD-27) says he has received a lot of email on this bill.

In this particular circumstance we are talking about school safety....

A bill that would increase the state's gas tax by 10 cents per gallon is still waiting to be heard for the first time by the full senate.Senator Stan Cooper (SD-14), who tried unsuccessfully, in another bill, to phase in the gas tax increase over five years, says any increase will have an effect on his constituents.

 And I am worried about people of fixed incomes because you know a lot of people have to travel 50 miles one way just to shop...

Now that crossover has occurred, and all the house bills are in the senate, House Majority Floor Leader Representative Kermit Brown (HD-14) says he's been satisfied with how the session has gone so far.

... there's some Senate stuff coming that will generate a lot of activity and I am satisfied with what we have done...

A bill that would allow out of state health insurance companies to sell their products in Wyoming, has received initial approval in the senate.

  Allows them to come to Wyoming with a simple filing with the insurance commissioner...

Senator Charlie Scott (SD-30) says even if the bill passes he's not sure companies will take advantage of it.

A bill that would allow for temporary storage of radioactive waste in Wyoming, only if the waste is associated with a nuclear power plant also located in the state,has received initial approval in the House. Representative Tom Lockhart (HD-57), chairman of the House Minerals,Business and Economic Development Committee, explains the bill.

we can do like the other facilities that have nuclear power plants that have storage on site....

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