Cheyenne city officials say keeping Converse Avenue north of the Converse/East Pershing/East 19th street closed a while longer should allow the completion of the overall project a few weeks sooner than expected.

Assistant City Engineer Nathan Beauheim says Converse had originally been scheduled to open on June 15th,  but that date has now been delayed for about three weeks. Beauheim says that change will allow work on the overall project to move ahead enough so that it may be completely finished as much as four weeks sooner than expected. Beauheim says the project may now be finished in late September oi early October.

When Converse opens in early July, traffic will be allowed to go east and west on 19th Street, east and west on Pershing on the east side of the intersection, and north and south on Converse on the north side of the intersection. Some lane restrictions will be in effect at that point.