Cheyenne Representative Mary Throne, (HD-11) says she will seek a fourth term in the Wyoming House of Representatives.

Throne, the House Minority Whip, says the Legislature is in the middle of a lot of issues that she wants to continue to work on.  She says education accountability is one of  her top priorities as well as declining natural gas prices and the effect that might have on local government funding. In 2011, Throne was the  house sponsor for legislation to provide road assistance for counties impacted by the Niobrara oil play.  Laramie County received $1.7 following the passage of the bill. Throne also also teamed with fellow legislators to streamline Wyoming’s K-12 assessment system. Rep. Throne was then appointed to serve as the only Laramie County member of the Select Committee on Statewide Education Accountability.

In addition to her other legislative duties, Rep. Throne serves on Judiciary, Rules, Management Audit, the Select Committee on Capital Financing and Investments, where she is Vice-Chair.