We have an exciting program line up today. We invite you to prepare your day with us. Hear the latest news and discuss the issues with the news makers and shakers 6AM-10AM MST in The Morning Zone with host, Dave Chaffin.

6:00 - 7:07AM MST National,international,state and local news, weather and road conditions, plus, the Rodeo Sports Update, WyoPrep Sports, and alookatthe latest financial news and information.

7:07AM MST: Dr. Bart Rossi - The Nation's Preeminent 'Political Psychologist', will be Dave's guest. Washington's bitter budget standoff has a hint of human nature, but it's pumped up to absurd levels. With the nation's tax issues and spending issues, are we seeing the worst case of an inability to compromise?

7:37AM MST:U.S. Representative, CynthiaLummis joins us live from Washington, D.C. Obviously the sequester has taken affect and more recently the House will be taking a vote on the Continuing Resolution – funding the govt – this morning. Before that happens, Cynthia will be live on the Morning Zone to give us the inside straight on what's happening.

8:07AM MST: Former gubernatorial candidate, statesman and political pundit, Dr. Taylor Haynes will be in studio talking more about Agenda 21 and the UDC Codes surrently under review by the Cheyenne City Council.  Haynes says, "the big problem I have with the codes is contractors and developers do not want to come forward with all of the flaws that are in these codes,and the staff can make it hard on them and effect there lively hoods if they complain. That's way to much power given to unelected planners and staff members. So we will keep sending emails and ask for full repeal of UDC codes: start listening to the will of the people: We are citizens against UDC Codes:Our goal is to repeal UDC Codes: City Mayor phone #637-6300 City Clerk 637-6329...Everyone send emails to <sallen@cheyennecity.org>, <jvaldez@cheyennecity.org>, <awilliams@cheyennecity.org>, <bcook@cheyennecity.org>, <mrinne@cheyennecity.org>, <dshanor@cheyennecity.org>, <jbrown@cheyennecity.org>, <gbroyles@cheyennecity.org>,<mluna@cheyennecity.org>, <mayor@cheyennecity.org>"

9:07AM MST: Open Lines...Your opportunity to weigh in on the issues of the day...call in toll free at 1-888=503-6500, or locally at 1-307-632-6500 or 632-3323.