Hey, if you were listening to The Morning Zone last Monday when Rick Collard and Lindsey Taylor from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter were on the air with me, you know they will be hosing a Microchip Clinic  Sat., May 5th, at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter located at 800 Southwest Drive from 10 am to 2 pm.

Anyone is welcome to bring their pets to the clinic to be microchipped at a discounted rate – only $20 per chip. That includes a national registration. The first 100 pets in line will receive chips. Believe me, our pets are all chipped and it takes a big worry off Lisa and me to know if they accidentally get out, and are picked up or turned in to the shelter, the chip can be read and we can get our little family members back safely.

Microchips work like identification tags. But, unlike tags and collars, microchips can't fall off, get lost or be forgotten. They are tiny, harmless devices which are implanted between an animal’s shoulder blades. The microchip stores a number that corresponds to information in a national database in order to connect the animal to their owner. The number can be detected by special scanners that most animal shelters and veterinarian clinics use. If an animal gets lost, anyone with a scanner can link the microchip to the owner’s contact information and get him or her home quickly.

Although microchips are a convenient way to get a lost pet home, they can also be lifesavers. Only about 2 percent of cats that get lost and end up at the shelter are reclaimed by their owners. Without a way of identifying cats that come here, they have to wait and hope that their owners come find them.

If you need more information, please don't hesitate. Call my friend Rick Collard at 307-286-3402  or Lindsey Taylor at 307-632-6655 ext. 28.