Observers in Rawlins may see some people in black and white stripes running away from the prison, but it's not a jailbreak, it's a fundraiser.

The Wyoming Frontier Prison is sponsoring the 2nd annual Pen-to-Pen Fun-Run in Rawlins this Saturday, June 1st.

Wyoming Frontier Prison Historic site director says the fundraising walk/run goes from the current prison to the old prison.  Participants have the option of walking or running either 2.5 kilometers or the full 5 kilometers from "pen-to-pen."  At the end of the run, participants will be treated to a barbecue, live band and a Saratoga brewing company.

Funds raised from the run will go to restoration projects currently needed for the Old Frontier Prision.

Entry fee is $30 f, and slots are still available. Click here for a registration form: