[/caption]Republican Laramie County Commission candidate Clare "Bud" Racicky says he wants to stress positive themes in his quest for public office. Racicky says he thinks most local officeholders--including current county commission members and Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen as well as the Cheyenne City Council--are basically doing a good job for the most part. Racicky does say he would like to see "more communication and less confrontation" between the commission and the city council.

He says he thinks new technology should help address water safety concerns related to the Niobrara Oil Play, as long as laws already on the books are properly enforced. Racicky says that while the county faces a tight budget, he is hopeful layoffs of county employees as well as major cutbacks in services can be avoided. He says he has a varied business background, including 50 years as an insurance agent, as well as owning his own  businesses.

Racicky holds a  B.S. in Political Science from the University of Wyoming. Racicky is running for a four year seat on the commission.