Officials with the City of Cheyenne Public Works Department are hoping the Cheyenne City Council will reconsider several proposed changes to city Sanitation Department policy.

The council on Monday voted down a proposed 3.4 percent increase in city sanitation fees, and with that action rejected several other proposals as well. Assistant Public Works Director Vicki Nemecek says the department is not requesting a reconsideration of the rate increase, but rather several other policy changes.

One proposed change would be to add a cardboard dumpster service fee of $35.75.. She says another proposal would be to remove the current clean load discount at the landfill. She says current policy allows for discounts of clean recycled materials such as lumber and asphalt. She says the thinking behind the current policy was that those recycled materials could be marketed, but in fact that has not been the case.

Nemecek says another proposed change would require medical documentation to qualify for special attention by sanitation department employees. She says that part of the current policy is very labor intensive, and the department wants to make sure people using it really need it..

Nemecek says the department has several other proposals that they are hoping the council will discuss as well. She says her understanding is that the council will need to reconsider the changes at the June 24 regular council meeting if any changes are to be made.