Casper Police Department's Problem Oriented Response Team, while conduction undercover prostitution investigations, arrested three Colorado individuals on drug possession charges.

Officers initially contacted a suspect, Nitaya Dennis, who was advertising as a paid-escort online.  However, when she made contact with an undercover officer, police say Dennis became "spooked" and fled from the hotel room where she was meeting with the officer.  Police chased Dennis to her car, where she was handcuffed.  At that time paperwork says that Dennis admitted to having marijuana in the car.

During questioning of Dennis the car that Dennis had run to went missing.  Further investigation led officers to find the car at another hotel, with three individuals inside.  After contact was made with the individuals, several marijuana cigarettes were found in the car, and two of the three, 22-year-old Rodger Dean, and 20-year Old Carousel Reed were arrested.

Dennis faces a charge of possession of marijuana.  She is currently out on $750 bond.

Carousel Reed also faces a marijuana possession charge.  Her bond was set at $200 cash-only.

Police paperwork says that it was determined that Dean had provided transportation and protection to women from Denver, advertising as paid escorts.  He was also found to be in possession of several marijuana blunts.  Dean faces charges of possession of marijuana as well as wrongful taking or disposing of property.  His bond was set a $1,500.