Two Cheyenne residents were arrested Friday morning on burglary charges. Sgt Rob Dafoe says at about 12:25 a.m. officers were called to a home on Forest Drive regarding a burglary in progress. The homeowner had been sleeping in a lower level but was awakened by the sound of a door opening. She went upstairs to find an unknown person standing in the entry way holding a flashlight.The homeowner locked herself in the bathroom and called police. Officers surrounded the area found two male suspects attempting to hide in the bushes, and police say one of them was manipulating something in his hands. The two suspects were detained for questioning. A police K9 located a 9 mm handgun in the bushes where the two suspects had been attempting to hide. Upon further investigation, police found multiple vehicles in the area had been entered and ransacked. Further investigation determined that the two suspects had entered several homes and vehicles in the area. The gun was allegedly taken from the garage of one of the homes. Police arrested Robert Logan III, 18 of Cheyenne, and Elijah Mcqueen, 19 and also of Cheyenne, on burglary charges. Dafoe says the case is still under investigation.