A spokeswoman for the Wyoming Poison Control Center is warning parents of small children about the potential hazards of glow sticks an sparklers associated with Independence Day celebrations.

Joan Mcvoy says that while many parents tend to assume that sparklers are a relatively 'safe' form of fireworks for children, that is actually not true. She says sparklers can reach temperatures of up to 2000 degrees and are capable of badly burning people if they are mishandled. She says they are in fact the most common cause of injuries involving 4th of July fireworks and should only be used by children under close adult supervision, if they are used at all, She adds they should be kept away from flammable materials any time they are used.

Mcvoy says another common, although somewhat less serious hazard is posed by glow sticks. Mcvoy says because the sticks are soft and pliable, small children often mistake them for candy and chew on them. McVoy says that while ingesting the chemicals inside the sticks doesn't pose a serious health threat, they can be irritants, especially in the eyes. She says the center has nurses on call 24/7, including on Independence Day, to answer questions about treatment for children who may come into glow stick chemicals.

The toll-free number to reach the center is 1-800-222-1222.