Just a few days after reopening, Cheyenne's Parsley Blvd. bridge over I-80 was struck again Monday afternoon by a semi-trailer hauling an excavator. The bridge had been open only four days after repairs were completed due to another, different driver and truck hauling equipment, clipping the structure causing heavy damage back in April.

According to WYDOT maintenance engineer, Tim McGary, the damage Monday was in nearly the identical westbound lane location as the original strike. McGary said the Parsley Blvd. bridge is at the same height as many others all along on I-80 and he couldn't speculate on why it was disabled twice in such short succession. He added that one difference in the incidents is the driver Monday was identified at the scene. The driver in April left the scene and was eventually tracked down by a WYDOT employee.

WYDOT advises motorists in the Cheyenne area that the Parsley Blvd. bridge is open for traffic but signed for reduced speed and weight restrictions. It is unknown at this time when repairs will begin again but, as previously, damaged girders will be replaced and damaged bridge deck sections above those girders repaired.

The cost of the repairs for the April hit was $907,000. No estimate is available yet on what it is gonna cost this time.