7:07AM MDT: --Bill Keller:  Mitt Romney and Mormon Prophecy-Not since in 1960 with John F. Kennedy’s Catholicism and in 1976 with Jimmy Carter’s profession of being a Born-again Christian has there been such hubbub about a Presidential candidate’s religious beliefs. Enter Mitt Romney and the growing buzz over the “White Horse Prophecy” that may be stranger than anything ever dreamed up by Rod Serling for The Twilight Zone.

7:37AM MDT: - Travis Lingenfelter-Ask A Local Expert-Pointe Frontier- New Rule Would Increase Home Health Care Pay and Benefits... The United States Department of Labor (DOL) is expected to finalize a rule, modifying a current exemption that excludes home health care workers from Federal wage and overtime requirements. The Fair Labor Standards Act currently exempts “companionship services” from Federal wage and overtime laws. The new rule would limit this exemption by more clearly defining the tasks that could be performed by an exempt companion and no longer allowing third party employers, such as home health agencies, to claim the exemption.  “Due to significant changes in the home health care industry over the last 35 years, workers who today provide in-home care to individuals are performing duties and working in circumstances that were not envisioned when the companionship services regulations were promulgated,” the proposed rule says.

8:07AM MDT:-Author of 'Tea With Terrorists', 'Prophet of Doom'  and 'Yada Yaweh', Craig Winn returns with his contraversial view of today's headlines and world affairs.

9:07AM MDT:-Shane Smith, Director of Cheyenne's award winning Botanic Gardens, is back for his monthly visit and will take your calls and questions about what it takes to grow great bloomers or vegetables in Wyoming's crazy climate.