For the 20th straight month, the overall index for the Mountain States region, a leading economic indicator for the three-state area of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, advanced above growth neutral 50.0.  Supply managers report that despite continuing supply disruptions and elevated commodity prices, business conditions remain healthy.  This growth is expected to continue for the next three to six months. That's just some of the good news we will hear today in The Morning Zone when Creighton University Economist Ernie Goss guests at 7:37 AM MDT to give us his monthly mountain states economic report.

First at 7:07, though, The Wall Street Journal editorialized about teen unemployment and the effect that minimum wage increases have had on this population. This comes on the heels of controversy over Michele Bachmann’s supposed “gaffe” of refusing to agree to an increase in the minimum wage.The teen unemployment rate for 16-19 year-olds currently sits at 24.2 percent nationally, and is above 25 percent in 25 states. Economic analyst Micahel Saltsman will give us his take