Here is the schedule and guest list for today's Morning Zone Program:

7:07AM MST: Author, columnist and world traveler, Frosty Wooldridge, Join host Dave Chaffin  and Frosty Wooldridge as they continue their series of the long term effects of unchecked immigration and over population.

8:07AM MST: Our man down on the border. John Marshall, will be with us. Other side of issue when guns are outlawed only criminals and (fill in blank) will have guns.

Breaking News: Texas Firearms Protection Act: One Texas lawmaker is pushing to keep a possible federal ban on the purchase of certain firearms out of the state. Rep. Steve Toth, R-The Woodlands, is authoring the Firearm Protection Act, which he says would "make any federal law banning semiautomatic firearms or limiting the size of gun magazines unenforceable within the state's boundaries." The bill would also make it a felony to enforce any such federal law..

9:07AM MST: Bill Schilling, President of the Wyoming Business Alliance, to talk about his position on the Education Accountability issue.