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7:07AM MST: Author, columnist/world traveler, Frosty Wooldridge, is back to talk with Dave about his latest columns on the long-term consequences of illegal immigration and unchecked population.

8:07AM MST: Thomas Frank, author of the bestselling  "What’s the Matter with Kansas-Pity The Billionaire", will talk about addressing the Tea Party people he’s been following and reporting on these last two years, there is a candidate who's perfect for them, if only they’d open their eyes and put aside their preconceptions: Mitt Romney.  Yes, just as they suspect, he is an “unprincipled faker” and “so plastic he’s almost animatronic,” but he’s also the “gimme” representative of venture capital and so a genuine capitalist hero.

9:07AM MST: Phil McGovern, Executive Director of the Cheyenne Family YMCA is back to update us on all the upcoming events for the new year at the "Y".

In his candor about approving bailouts, “he merely admitted what should be obvious to any billionaire from a study of bank history: that conservatives have no problem doling out, or grabbing for, government money when the chips are down… In this sense, Romney, who is loud and proud when it comes to the need for further deregulation, has actually been more consistent than you. He’s the gimme candidate of 2012 and so he should really be your guy.”

This is a classic anatomy of the realities and contradictions that lurk in a Republican Party long been heading rightward and a devastating paean to a “heroic” quarter-billionaire who's heading White House-wards to defend his betters.  As Frank says in conclusion, “Pity the billionaire: it will be a powerful rallying cry for 2012.”