Once again, we will start this Morning Zone week with some great guests. The list includes:

7:07 AM MDT: Our world traveler, author and columnist,  Frosty Wooldridge is back and continues his discussion on the dangers of too much immigration and resulting over-population.

8:07AM MDT:  Chris Brady will discuss the importance of breaking free from our devices and getting a more fulfilling, honest-to-goodness vacation. Chris Brady is a  humorist, leadership guru and author of the new book, A Month of Italy: Rediscovering the Art of Vacation. In the amusing and perceptive book, Brady relates his own story of overcoming constant stimuli and learning to relish moments that are more important than they are urgent. The goal, as Brady explains, “...is to give an emotional impulse to people so they can find the strength to unplug, even if for a little bit, every once in a while.”

9:07AM MDT:  YMCA- Chris Shay and the folks from the Cheyenne Family YMCA will be in to update us on all the great Fall activities and events going on now and in the near future.