It's another great guest list on today's Morning Zone:

7:07AM MDT: Author/Columnist, Frosty Wooldridge is scheduled to return from his trip acorss the country today, but we are still waiting confirmation. However, if he is back, expect to hear him tell us all about his trip coast to coast and what he found on the illegal immigration and over-population front.

8:07AM MDT: "Our Man Down on The Border", John Marshall, is back with his monthly update. The theme of his discussion today will be ...U.S. Border agents being killed, being shot, being mutilated, and how America’s mainstream news media, Obama Democrats, Republican establishment aristocrats could care less. Why have reports of over 500 violent attacks on U.S. federal agents along America’s southern border so far in 2012 not been reported?

9:07AM MDT: Rick Collard, Director of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, is back today to talk more about some of the events and needs of the shelter.