In addition to our discussion with Frosty Wooldridge on immigration and population in the 7AM hour, we will be talking with Michael Connelly. Michael is a constitutional attorney, U.S. Army veteran and executive director of The United States Justice Foundation (USJF).
He is also a freelance writer and the author of four books, The Mortarmen, a book about his father’s unit during WW II, Riders in the Sky: The Ghosts and Legends of Philmont Scout Ranch, a patriotic novel, Amayehli: A Story of America, and America’s Liveliest Ghosts. He also has a weekly radio show on the Internet called “Our Constitution” and has recently published a pocket-sized booklet by the same name that takes every article, section and amendment to the Constitution and details what they actually mean. It’s available at his Constitutional Law Alliance website. Michale will be discussing the Senate's "Nay" vote last week on the latest proposed round of gun control legislation.