Monday's Morning Zone Program will focus on the issues and long term problems with legal and illegal immigration and feature an abundance of open line opportunities for you to call in and weigh in on the issues on your mind:

7:07AM MST: Frosty Wooldridge is back to discuss more issues with both legal and illegal immigration...Plus...he will proudly report that after years of working on overpopulation, a major news service in the United Kingdom and serving all of Europe, picked up his work and is publishing it nearly daily—as fast as he can submit.  They are publishing videos on overpopulation by Roy Beck, Dr. George Colburn and Lester Brown, as well, and  are featuring allof Frosty's books on a moving spindle at the end of the pieces.

8:07AM MST: Our man down on the border, John Marshall. John says the interview theme will be  bit different this month as he will focus on  holiday thanks? – Many American have recently had several bad weeks; and he says he can easily provide additional depressing information about deteriorating conditions along southern border. Why, as one week of celebrating Thanksgiving with good memories or thoughts of being thankful might uplift listeners’ spirits. Listeners can call in with responses or questions. Here is his basic topic outline

1. Why are you thankful for being an American?

2. What was your most memorable Thanksgiving Day memory or memories?

As for those with nothing to be thankful for or good holiday memories, maybe others’ thankful thoughts and memories might remind you why America is worth surviving future struggles?

I will start with why I am thankful for being an American. Simple really, America is constitutional republic where I can believe following:

“I will say of the Lord; He is my refuge and fortress.” Psalms 91:2

Plus, he can als share more bad news about declining border security

9:07AM MST: Open Lines...Call with your thoughts, issues and ideas at 1-888-503-6500 toll free, or 307-632-6500 or 632-3323.