[/caption]Are you sure that your child has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)? Join me, Gary Freeman, as I discuss this with Dr. Frank Barnhill, MD about the diagnosis of ADHD in U.S. children agreas 6 - 17 which has increased by an average of 3% per year from 1997 - 2007. Could your child be misdiagnosed? Click through the jump to hear this very enlightening and eye opening interview with Dr. Frank Barnhill.Dr Frank Barnhill Mistaken for ADHD

Once a child has been labeled as ADHD, whether he or she is actually ADHD or not, it’s virtually impossible to remove that label.

The best way to unstick the almost super-glued ADHD label in a child or teen “suspected” of ADHD is to prevent it from being applied in the first place. The old saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is very true in this case.

One child misdiagnosed as ADHD is one too many!

About the book: Mistaken for ADHD: How you can prevent mislabeling your child as a failure in life in the face of a looming ADHD misdiagnosis crisis.


The real tragedy in a child's life would be to cause him or her to fail to grow, mature and develop the normal skills needed for success as an adult.

Unfortunately, if your child is wrongfully mislabeled as ADHD instead of being properly evaluated and treated for one of the disorders that can act just like ADHD, he or she might:

  • Need medications every day for years
  • Be labeled and subjected to discrimination in school as an "impaired learner"
  • Require thousands of dollars for unneeded doctor visits and therapy
  • Be unable to keep a job
  • Have multiple legal problems
  • Grow up to be a socially, emotionally handicapped adult, still living with you at age 30.

Most doctors who evaluate children for ADHD are probably not adequately trained to do so!

Mistaken for ADHD is your guide to help you take charge and be a strong advocate in making sure your child's behavior problem is thoroughly evaluated and treated.

Between the covers of this book you'll discover stories of children misdiagnosed as ADHD and how those ADHD-mimicking disorders or Zebras, as Dr. Frank refers to them, were properly diagnosed and treated.

About Dr. Frank Barhill MD:

Frank Barnhill, M.D. has practiced family medicine in Upstate South Carolina for over 30 years. He provides car for patients from birth to in excess of 100 years of age with the emphasis on well-care and health maintenance.  Dr Frank has written and published over 200 original internet articles on family medical topics, ADHD and other behavior disorders on his websites drhuggiebear.com and ADHDbehavior.com in the past 5 years. In addition, his information rich medial articles can be found on greater than 75 other websites worldwide.