Gas Crisis in Gaza

~~~~~By Micah Halpern~~~~~

Tuesday March 27, 2012~~~~

There is a severe gas crisis in Gaza. Taxis have ground to a halt, electric stations have stopped generating and cooking gas does not exist. There are black outs for 18 hours a day.

Israel will be blamed, but this is not Israel's fault. Israel actually just delivered 450,000 liters of diesel to Gaza. It is Egypt that supplies gas to Gaza. And Egypt has decided to abide by the traditional agreement that all gas must come through the Kerem Shalom crossing which is controlled by Israel.

Gaza does not want Israel to control their gas imports despite the stipulation in the treaty.

Egypt wants better control over the gas and does not want the gas to continue coming through the tunnels as has been happening since 2007.

Hamas is livid. They want the gas to come through the smuggling tunnels and are pushing Egypt to do what they have been doing since ousting the Palestinian Authority from Gaza. Only Egypt wants to be more responsible. The potential for an explosion is enormous.

Until Hamas and Egypt come to an agreement, 18 hour blackouts will be the new norm in Gaza.

He Loved to Kill Jews
~~~By Micah Halpern~~~

Monday March 26, 2012~~~

According to a report in the French weekly Le Journal du Dimanche (The Sunday Journal), French terrorist Mohammad Merah was in a state of immense pleasure while brutally murdering Jews.

Just before the SWAT team stormed his apartment Merah explained to the police that he had hoped to murder many more Jews. He said he was sorry that he missed the day the students returned from vacation because then many more Jewish children would have been gathered in the entrance to the school.

Merah told the police that he did not want to end his life like a kamikaze. He wanted to live to kill more Jews. He said that during the killing he felt "endless pleasure."

He explained why he killed French soldiers in France as opposed to in Afghanistan where he was trained. Merah said that killing a French soldier in France is like killing six French soldiers in Afghanistan.

Do not misunderstand. This man was not crazy, he was not a lunatic. He was a cold blooded calculated mass murderer. He killed to achieve his political and religious goals.

Mohammad Merah was totally aware of his actions and of the ramifications of those actions.