KGAB's own middle eastern analyst, Micah Halpern joins us at 7:37AM MST on The Morning Zone to give us his take on all the events happening right now in the middle east and North Africa. We'll ask him about some experts' comments that Gadhafi could be getting ready to unleash WMDs on Europe and the U.S. in retaliation for the U.N. attacks on his forces.

Joseph Klein, author of the new book, 'Lethal Engagement', joins us at 8:07 to tell an almost unbelievable story unfolding that is a glaring example of the liberal mindset, buth because of it's naivete' and it bubble mentality. Find out about the Islamic concept of deception called takiyya. Radical Islam is seeing Barack Obama fulfill his promise to fundamentally change our beloved America.

At 9:07,  Laramie County Legislator Mary Throne, will guest to give us her view of this year's legislative session from the minority party's perspective.

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