~By Micah Halpern~~

Saturday February 4, 2012~~

I've Been Thinking:

How naïve and how gullible are we?

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) wrapped up its meeting in Iran and then fed us all a great line. The meetings, they said, were positive - the Iranians are interested in talks and in inspections and there is a second round scheduled for later in February.

True, but only a partial story. The inspectors asked to see the facility in Parchin and the Iranians did not permit their entry.

Here is where it gets very tricky. The Iranians did not use the word "no" they just sidestepped the question. End result is that the IAEA inspectors were not permitted to inspect Parchin because the Iranians did not allow it, but yes, the Iranians did not say no to the IAEA.

Here is where it becomes troubling. Because the Iranians did not say no, the meetings and talks were considered a success in the eyes of the West and of the IAEA.

This is hardly a success - it is playing right into the hands of the very capable Iranians. It might come as a surprise to Westerners, but in many cultures - including Persian culture, it is impolite to say "no" and there are literally numerous ways of saying no without saying no.

Once again, the Iranians have succeeded in doing things their way.