Merle Haggard 2012 (Ethan Miller/Getty)

The Merle Haggard show at Frontier Park on Sunday night was like stepping back in time.

The legendary Oklahoma singer had the crowd singing along with hits like ‘White Line Fever,’ ‘Mama Tried’ and ‘Pancho and Lefty.
Haggard asked the Cheyenne Frontier Days crowd if they missed Johnny Cash before launching into a cover of ‘Folsom Prison Blues.’
Merle Haggard hasn’t lost his sense of humor either. He asked his back-up band, The Strangers, to introduce themselves and they began shaking each other’s hands and mingling with one another.
He said he has a new album out, ‘Working in Tennessee,’ that’s disguised as a CD at stores. The country music Hall of Famer then sang the title track about his favorite Martin guitar he’d donated to the Grand Ol’ Opry and then he saw it floating down the street during the Nashville flood.
For all the working people, he sang ‘Workin’ Man’s Blues’ from 1969 and for ‘all the drunks’ he sang ‘The Bottle Let Me Down.’
Haggard mentioned that he wasn’t familiar with Cheyenne’s marijuana laws before he started singing his encore, ‘Okie From Muskogee.
A Wyoming flavor was added to the show by the opening act from Moorcroft, Chancey Williams and The Younger Brothers Band.
The show closed with the emcee thanking everyone for coming and announcing to the crowd that t-shirts and souvenirs were available at the exits.
The entire evening felt like it could have happened 40 years ago when our parents took us to Cheyenne Frontier Days to watch the legends perform their music, it was a good old-fashioned, traditional Night Show. Thanks Merle!