Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen and a spokesman for the Cheyenne Police Department are reminding motorists to use extra caution in and around the construction zones for several street projects which are currently underway in the city.

Police Department spokesman Officer Dan Long says a collision between a passenger vehicle and an SUV Monday afternoon at the intersection of East Pershing and Henderson Drive near  a construction zone sent a 26 year old woman to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center, where her current condition is unknown. The accident also temporarily halted traffic on 19th street. Long says that while the exact circumstances of the crash are still being investigated, it should serve as a reminder to motorists to maintain their awareness and exercise defensive driving skills near and in such areas.

Meanwhile Mayor Rick Kaysen says he is well aware that the East Pershing/Converse/19th Street roundabout project is ''causing major concerns about traffic flow" among motorists. Kaysen also is urging people to be cautious and patient around such projects in the city. Construction zones in Cheyenne currently include three major projects--the East Pershing and West Pershing reconstruction projects as well as the roundabout work.

In addition, City Public Works Director Jim Elias says city crews are also performing pothole repair work in various parts of the city, and is asking motorists to watch out for those crews as well.