Experts say that January is the big month for people filing for divorce. I think that there are ways we can avoid the separation activities in your marriage. Today on the Top 5 at 7:45, I'll highlight some resolutions that may help you to have a better marriage in 2015 and avoid divorce court.

  1. Less Screen Time And More Face To Face Time - Television, computers and tablets seem to take the place of talking face to face. This will wreck a relationship in a heartbeat. Take the time to talk to one another face to face every day.
  2. More "Whoopie" - Resolve to have more whoopie with your spouse. We'll leave the creativity and times up to you.
  3. Keep A Regular Date Night - This may sound silly, but it is a great investment in the love bank. A homemade dinner, a nice movie, kids and the grandparents. You catch the idea.
  4. Attend A Marriage Retreat  - These go on quite regularly. Marriage Encounter was pretty popular in the 80's. I know recently they had one in Estes Park, Colorado.
  5. Do Something NEW Together - Starting a new hobby, puzzle or going on a trip together. These are all things to consider doing in 2015 that may help you spend more time with your spouse and strengthen your relationship.

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