Wednesday on The Morning Zone, Dave's guests will be Watchdog on Wall Street, Chris Markowski at 7:07AM MDT. Chris is a long time friend of the program and the host of his own weekend syndicated financial radio program and keeps us up to date on the real issues that effect the economy and our personal finances

Vietnam Vets Targets of Healthcare Rationing at 7:37 AM MDT with Armin Brott. Prostate cancer screening is first victim of government-directed health care.
(Dallas)  Vietnam Vets are the first victims of government-directed medical care. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force decides which preventive procedures are approved for insurance coverage. This panel of non-experts just axed the only test for prostate cancer -- even for high-risk Vietnam veterans with Agent Orange exposure. It's an outrageous attack on the health of all men. Armin Brott, a former Marine, is the editor of the Talking About Men's Health blog, host of a weekly Armed Forces Network radio program, and author of eight books, including The Military Father. He is an advisor to the Men's Health Network.

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