Brian M. Sears, a 28  year old Cheyenne man, has been charged with Second Degree Homicide and attempted Second Degree Homicide in connection with the shooting death of 22 year old Connor Tarr of Cheyenne, and shots fired at 22 year old Cameron Scott of Cheyenne, during what investigators say may have been a marijuana deal gone bad.

Sears was also stabbed in the incident, which occurred Thursday night at Sears' residence at 212 Tyler Place, #30, according to  Laramie County Sheriff's Department spokesman Gerry Luce. Tarr was shot, and later  died at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.  Several shots were allegedly fired at Scott's car as Scott was fleeing the scene. Luce says several bullets hit Scott's car, but he was not injured.

Sears was  hospitalized with stab wounds at CRMC following the incident, and was arrested upon his release from the hospital on Sunday, according to a press release from the  Sheriff's Department.