Are Americans Ready for True Change?

The U.S. Debt Ceiling came down to the wire of its August 1 deadline before Congress approved a temporary fix. The fact that it did sent many Americans into a state of panic. Both the Democrats and Republicans refused to compromise, and many feel they still didn't listen to what the American people want. What can be done about this, why is our Federal Government so dysfunctional? At 7:07AM MDT, news and political commentator and host of Newsmagazine Tuesdays &Thursdays @ 6 PM
Critically Acclaimed Author, Malcolm Out Loud join us on The Morning Zone to discuss the debt ceiling issue and our Government and what needs to be done by answering these questions:

Why does Raising the Debt Ceiling one more time matter now?
Why has the debt ceiling vote come down to the wire?
Is it time for a third party in this country?
Why is Congress so Dysfunctional?

Then at 7:07, long time friend of the program, Craig Winn, author of Tea with Terrorists, Prophet of Doom and Yada Yaweah, returns with his take on what's happening domestically and world wide.