Interim Laramie County School District#1 Superintendent John Lyttle says his main goal is to continue the academic progress the district has made in recent years.

Lyttle was recently chosen by the school board to serve as interim superintendent for the upcoming school year, replacing Mark Stock, who is leaving on August 15th to take a position with the University of Wyoming. He notes student test scores on a variety of tests and in numerous subjects have markedly improved in recent years, and says he intends to work with senior leadership in the district towards continuing that trend.

Lyttle says oftentimes a new Superintendent will come in "with their own agenda" and make major changes. But he says quite often the end result is regression rather than progress--an outcome he intends to avoid.

Lyttle is a former teacher who served for several years as principal at Cheyenne Central High School. He has been the Assistant Superintendent for Human resources for LCSD#1 for the past 15 years.