If approved by Governor Matt Mead, the lottery bill would not take effect in Wyoming until July 1st and even then you still won't be able to buy a lottery ticket for at least a year. Mike Moser, executive director of the Wyoming Statel Liquor Dealers Association, says the necessary infrastructure would have to be put in place first.

The bill calls for the governor to appoint a nine-member board to oversee and run a lottery corporation. The corportion would then decide whether to set up a state lottery or join a multi-state game like Powerball. Once the corporation agreed on the lottery and rules are adopted, then the corporation would contract with a vendor to put sales terminals in retail stores. Moser says putting out the bids and reviewing the contracts would take a few months. Wyoming's bill prohibits the use of state funds to set up the lottery. Moser says securing financing from a bank or other lenders isn't usually a major issue because lotteries make money.