The University of Wyoming will have 85 sophomore students from throughout the state of Wyoming in their 29th annual Summer High School Institute from June 9th to June 29th.

According to a UW release, the students are chosen from 75 high schools in 50 school districts from throughout the state. The release goes onto to say that the Summer High School Institute at UW offers these sophomores an opportunity to achieve personal and intellectual growth, learn leadership qualities, and measure their academic and athletic capacities and interests.

The University says the three-week institute offers talent shows, various athletic activities, picnics, community events, dances, guest speakers, visits to museums,  and the opportunity to attend live concerts and plays.

The UW release says the High School Administrators, counselors, teachers guided the students in this applications process. The students were selected based on their application letter, essay, two letters of recommendation, academic performance, and extracurricular activity involvement.

The University says UW sponsors the summer program with special funding from the Wyoming State Legislature.

The release goes onto state all the participants of the program are listed below along with the high school their attending as well:

Arvada/Clearmont High School -- Sierra Martin, Clearmont.

Buffalo High School -- Hunter Knight and Jordan Snyder.

Burlington High School -- Quinton Migneault, Basin.

Burns High School -- Rachel Derner and Morgan McDonnell.

Campbell County High School -- Andy Guernsey, Stephanie Hart and Gretchen Kioschos.

Casper Kelly Walsh High School -- Kenneth Costello, Austin Thomas, Kyle Thomas and Abraham Tunison.

Centennial High School; Pueblo, Colo. -- Emiliana Aguilar.

Cheyenne Central High School -- Caroline Alston, Levi Cooper, Mackenzie DeHoff, Christopher Long and Mackenzie Sewell.

Cheyenne East High School -- Isaiah Colbert and Parker GrandPre.

Cody High School -- Neta Hanson, Denia Lohman and Bryce Seeger.

Cokeville High School -- Hannah Nielsanik.

Douglas High School -- Haley Hight, Nicholas Hiser and Cade Mariner.

Dubois High School -- Iris Konstant.

Evanston High School -- Samuel Richins and Christal Rohan.

Glendo High School -- Evan Wilhelm.

Glenrock High School -- Ivy Engel and Garrett Tvedt.

Green River High School -- Reece Clingenpeel, Rob Hunter, Rubea Mahan and Megan Radosevich.

Greybull High School -- Lynae McBride.

Hulett High School -- Hannah Bauernfeind and Brooke Mills.

Lander Valley High School -- Daniel Bolding, Kamille Brough and Madison Williams.

Laramie High School -- Nadia Torok.

Little Snake High School -- Michael Espy, Savery, and Courtney Kudera, Baggs.

Lone Peak High School; Highland, Utah -- Berkeley Anderson.

Lovell High School -- Samantha Stevens.

Lyman High School -- Victoria John.

Moorcroft High School -- Savanah Richter, Pine Haven.

Natrona County High School, Casper -- Stephanie Jackson, Samuel Radosevich and Elekzander Waldron.

Niobrara High School, Lusk -- Abbey Larson and Clayton Potter.

Pine Bluffs High School -- Cheyenne Matthews.

Pinedale High School -- Talyn Hutta.

Powell High School -- Ismael Dominguez, Quinn Lamoureux and Sarah O’Neill.

Rawlins High School -- Alexandra Arment, Riley Otto and Quriss Romero.

Riverside High School -- Emily Robertson, Basin.

Rock Springs High School -- Chad Baker, Kyle Mueller, Steffany Stephenson and Kaylee Tuttle.

Saratoga High School -- James Mason and Kelsie Samson.

Sheridan High School -- Lachlan Brennan and Marissa Hegy.

Star Valley High School -- Tel Johnson, Alta.

Sundance High School -- Rebecca Dulaney.

Teton High School -- Isabella Wilson.

Tongue River High School -- Maya Gilmore, Sheridan, and Cody Perkins, Ranchester.

Torrington High School -- Reo Radford.

Wheatland High School -- Jacilyn Mills and Emily Teter.

Worland High School -- Morgan Ehrmantraut.