Dave Chaffin is back on The Morning Zone today, and hois guests are:

7:07AM MST:  Brad and Barbie Harrington of the new publication Liberty's Torch will guest and will be talking about a number of the issues facing our community, the state and the legislature.

8:07AM MST: Anya Peterson Frey from Wyoming Entrepeneur. Biz is back with her monthly update on how get your business off the ground and with her today, will be Dan Hannaher. Dan is the SBA regional administrator for our area. He has several updates he would like to share...

• Why is the Start-Up America initiative important to stimulate the creation of small business; what services are offered and how do people access them?
• Impact of broad based refinancing plan to help responsible borrowers save an average of $3,000 per year
• Why is extension of the payroll tax cut important for America’s small business?
• How does SBA market its loan and counseling programs in Wyoming? Which ones are the most popular? Are they available to people living in isolated rural areas?
• SBA’s commitment to disaster lending—how it has impacted Wyoming over the past year.
• Who benefits from micro-lending? Why should someone consider applying for a micro-loan at the Wyoming Women’s’ Business Center?


9:37AM MST Toni Rodgers and Sheila Monger will be in to talk about the upcoming Delta Kappa Gamma book sale