A house investigative committee held its first meeting Wednesday. The 16-member committee was created last month to review allegations against Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill that were raised in an inquiry report released in June by Governor Matt Mead.

After the Legislature passed SF 104 which stripped Hill's duties as head of the Wyoming Department of Education, Governor Mead ordered an investigation into how the Department was run under Cindy Hill. The report included charges that Hill misspent federal money, abused state resources and created a hostile work environment as head of the state Department of Education.

The committee will investigate the charges and recommend whether impeachment articles should be filed against Hill. The committee voted to create four subcommittees to analyze individual sections of the state's report, including personnel, Fremont County School District 38 and allegations of misused special education funds, among other issues. Subcommittees can call witnesses to give testimony under oath and with the threat of perjury.The committee will also request a $110,000 budget to conduct the investestigation.

Lubnau said Wyoming will have a " clearly articulated conclusion, or set of conclusions, about the allegations related to the Education Department when the committee's investigation ends. "

Superintendent Cindy Hill questioned the objectivity of the committee and noted that 13 of the committee members voted to strip her of her power over the state Department of Education earlier this year. She added that she has neither violated any law or policy nor misused any funds, and the she is a victim of slander and defamation.