Laramie County School District 1 Superintendent Mark Stock  says district officials have been working over the Christmas break to improve monitoring of older schools in the district.

Stock says newer school buildings are generally constructed in such a way that school officials can keep tabs on who is coming and going--in large part because the school offices are usually located near main entrances. But Stock says that's usually not the case with older school buildings, so the district wanted to find ways to monitor school visitors inn those buildings

. He says one step being implemented is the placement of cameras near entrances in the older buildings, which will in some cases be combined with a locking system to allow entry of identified visitors. Stock says in other cases district employees will physically be stationed near school entrances to monitor visitors.

Stock says the first changes will begin to be implemented when classes resume on Monday, January 7th, with continuing steps being implemented at older schools in coming weeks. He says district officials will continue to look at ways to improve school security in coming weeks, but he also says that there is, unfortunately, only so much that can realistically be done to make schools safer.