The state School Facilities Commission has approved funding for a new 5/6th grade school in Laramie County School District #1.

The $1.225 million is earmarked for a new school that would be one of six 5/6th that district officials are hoping to eventually build to help relieve overcrowding in the district. LCSD #1 was one of several districts in the state to recently receive a waiver from state officials from a mandate requiring  a 16-1 student teacher ratio in grades k-3.

The district is hoping to eventually meet that requirement in part by moving grades 5 and 6 into their own schools, reducing the number of students in the elementary schools and making it easier to meet the 16:1 ratio.

The district is also starting work on a new Davis Elementary School in north Cheyenne. The new school will replace the current Davis school, but will be larger and able to accommodate more students, which again would help relieve overcrowding.