The Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide are two of the most horrific atrocities of the 20th Century. Countless books, films, and other media recount the devastation of these events, but no retelling is as moving as an account from an actual survivor. Wednesday, April 11 and Thursday, April 12, Laramie County Community College hosts two such survivors.

Estelle Nadel, survivor of the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied Poland will talk about her experiences at 2 p.m. on the 11th, in the Union Pacific Centennial Room in the Center for Conferences and Institutes.  As a child, Estelle lost family members, was temporarily jailed and escaped, lived in an attic to avoid detection, and finally fled to a refugee camp in Austria.

Then at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 12, in Center for Conferences and Institutes Room 130, the LCCC International Studies Speakers Series will bring Carl Wilkens to the the college to discuss, “Saying No to Killers: Witnessing Genocide and Saving Lives in Rwanda.” Wilkins was a religious missionary in Rwanda when the genocide began. Rather than flee the country, as other Westerners did, Wilkins remained, and his actions saved the lives of many Rwandans who would surely have been killed without his help.

Immediately prior to Wilkins’ presentation, LCCC political science instructor Dave Marcum presents “The Story Behind KONY 2012: The Causes and Consequences of Violence in Central Africa.” Marcum’s presentation begins at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 12, also in CCI 130.

“Saying No to Killers” is sponsored by the Wyoming Humanities Council, LCCC International Studies Program, LCCC History Program, and LCCC Division of Education, Natural and Social Sciences.

Don't miss these exciting and interesting series. You are sure to come away having had an emotional experience.