A bill was introduced in the Senate Thursday would remove the Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction as head of the State Department of Education. The bill would create a new director of the agency who would be appointed by the Governor. The legislation is sponsored by both chairmen of the House and Senate education committees and is co-sponsored by all majority and minority legislative leaders. Rep Matt Teeters (HD-5), Chairman of the House Education Committee, says it's not an unprecedented move..

we reorganize government all the time...

Hill has said her agency has done everything required of it. the bill was referred to the senate education committee.

Joint Appropriations Committee Co-Chairman Representative Steve Harshman (HD-37) says that committee is working very hard to come up with a way to reduce the budget both this year and for the future.

.This is kind of the first lift because when we come back we want standard budgets to be 8 percent lower

Laramie Representative Matt Green (HD-45) says his constituents are concerned about budget cuts as well.

Our economic situation was not so dire that we had to lay people off

Cheyenne Senator Floyd Esquibel (SD-8) is proposing a bill that would ban cell phone use while driving. Esquibel says he believes its a safety issue..

It's my understanding that there's about 6 communities that already ban cellphone use while driving.

The state has already banned texting while driving.

Wyoming lawmakers are considering a bill that would end mandatory life sentences for juvenile killers.authorities say changing Wyoming law is necessary because of a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling, which threw out mandatory life in prison without parole for juvenile offenders. Teton County Representative Keith Gingery (HD-23), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, says the state has to address the issue.

So what we are looking at is changing it so that a juvenile that is sentenced to life for first degree murder...automatically eligible for parole after 25 years.

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