Republican county commission candidate Lars Lone says taxpayer money should be focused on infrastructure like roads and other basic needs and not a new fairgrounds and events center.

Lone, a republican, spent 11 years in the U.S. Navy reaching the  the rank of Lt. Commander, and one year in the reserves, is running for the two year seat on the county commission in the August 21st primary. Lone says  he sees the county has too many employees and he would do research to see how many are actually needed. he also says he supports the Niobrara oil play and hydraulic fracturing. But he says if oil companies damage roads during their exploration and drilling, they should pay for the repair.Lone adds that he supports private property rights, which he says are being  be curtailed under the Unified Development Code.

Lone says he is disappointed that the city and county governments are involved in lawsuits against each other. he says if elected he would attend Cheyenne  City Council meetings and speak on issues that may affect county residents.