[/caption]Republican Laramie County Commission candidate Kelly Krakow says he would like to see the state set up a special fund to help local governments deal with years when the budget is tight.

Krakow, who is Mayor of Albin, says the state already has such a fund for state government, and he says a similar state fund for county and municipal governments in Wyoming would help ''even out" local budgets from year to year, rather than have annual  fluctuations based on available revenues.  Krakow also says the state should loosen up restrictions on funds appropriated to local communities by the State Lands and Investment Board to allow more flexibility in how the money can be spent.

Krakow says he doesn't think hydraulic fracturing is a threat to local water safety, but he says he is concerned about the amount of water that could be consumed if the oil activity in the area really takes off. He notes that producers are trying to recycle water they use, but says that because a single oil well may consume as much as three million gallons of water, consumption could be an issue.

Krakow says he doesn't agree with comments by some commission candidates that the county's smaller communities aren't getting a fair shake on projects proposed for  sixth penny sales tax funding, adding he was part of the committee that recommended  the projects proposed for sixth-penny funding this year. Krakow is a lifelong Laramie County resident, and is running for a four-year seat on the commission.