Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak warned motorists who violate  the city's cell-phone ordinance Tuesday that they will be ticketed. At a news conference involving the Cheyenne Police Department as well as Wyoming Highway Patrol and Laramie County Sheriff's Department in regard to the ''May Mobilization'' crackdown on motorists not wearing seat belts, the chief produced a cell phone from his pocket and told the audience "this thing is a killer".

Kozak said the number of people killed in car accidents involving cell-phone usage continues to go up. He went on to say that "if you have one of these in one hand while driving in Cheyenne, pretty soon you will have a ticket in the other. Guaranteed".

Police Department spokesman Sgt. Rob Dafoe said recently that while the city's cell phone ordinance is widely being ignored, police intend to make an all-out effort to ticket violators. Cheyenne's cell-phone ordinance bans all usage of the phones by motorists except for hands-free devices.