Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak says police need to prepare for a worst-case scenario in situations that have the potential for rioting, such as the recent events in Baltimore.

''You have to have the resources in place when you need them"  anytime the potential for riots and looting can be forecast, the chief says. He goes on to say the resources should be kept out of sight until they are needed. ''When you need them, they come out quickly and they deal with the situation".

Kozak says. He says ''in some recent situations" police seemed unprepared to deal with violence, '' adding "and you question why is that happening?".

Kozak also says it's important to keep the public informed as quickly as possible when police are accused of serious violations, such as in the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

He says officials in South Carolina, where a police officer is accused of killing a man by shooting him in the back, did a good job of letting the public know the officer was arrested and an investigation was underway.

He says that likely helped diffuse what could have been a much worse situation in terms of rioting and violence.