Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak says he is relieved  and excited to move forward following Tuesday's overwhelming vote in favor of spending 6th penny sales tax revenues to renovate the old Dineen Car Dealership in Downtown Cheyenne for use as a Public Safety Building. In addition to the Cheyenne Police Department, the building will house Cheyenne Fire and Rescue and other emergency responders. The proposal to spend $25 Million on the renovations was approved by a 67-33 percent margin on Tuesday. Police say their current home on Capitol Avenue is plagued by problems ranging from electrical issues to unsafe drinking water to a lack of space. Kozak says now that the voters have signed off on the project, the next step will be to look at financing options for the project. Kozak says he is hopeful that the project can be financed for less than the inflation rate. The chief says if all goes as planned the department may be able to relocate to it's new home within three years, adding the move itself could be a somewhat lengthy process.