Friday is Kids-At-Risk day on The Morning Zone, and our panel will begin at 7:07AM MST by discussing  a new study that shows, states with more comprehensive sex education programs had lower teen birth rates -- but the effect seemed to be due more to political, religious and social differences between those states than the sex ed itself. Also, another interesting study shows birth and abortion rates among U.S. teens fell to record lows in 2008 as increased use of contraceptives sent the overall teen pregnancy rate to its lowest level since at least 1972. But disparities among racial and ethnic groups continued to persist, with black and Hispanic teens experiencing pregnancy and abortion rates two to four times higher than their white peers, the Guttmacher Institute, the nonprofit sexual health research group that conducted the analysis, said.

At 8:07AM MST LCSD#1 Bullying Ombudsman Marvin Nash joins us, along with Barbie Harrington from 'Liberty's Torch' to talk more about school bullying issues and solutions. Among other things, they will talk about the news story out today that the Cheyenne Central and Cheyenne East High School basketball teams engaging to "Blackout" bullying in their schools.