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7:07AM MDT: Today on our Kids At Risk Segment, Child Advocate, John Frentheway and Psychologist Dr. Scott Wylie join host Dave Chaffin as we discuss a recent news article that discusses findings that show "About one in 25 U.S. teens has attempted suicide, according to a new national study, and one in eight has thought about it.Researchers said those numbers are similar to the prevalence of lifetime suicidal thinking and attempts reported by adults - suggesting the teenage years are an especially vulnerable time."What adults say is, the highest risk time for first starting to think about suicide is in adolescence," said Matthew Nock, a psychologist who worked on the study at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.The results are based on in-person interviews of close to 6,500 teens in the U.S. and questionnaires filled out by their parents. Along with asking youth about their suicidal thinking, plans and attempts, interviewers also determined which teens fit the bill for a range of mental disorders.

8:07AM MDT: Wyoming Perspectives. Members of the Cheyenne think tank, Wyoming Liberty Group, join Dave to talk about those issues of the day effecting all of us here in the Cowboy State.

9:07AM MDT: Open Lines...Be our guest and weigh in on what's on your mind at 1-888-503-6500 toll free or locally at 307-632-6500 or 632-3323.